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This time last year an opportunity arose; to serve our delicious coffee and more to commuters, travelers and visitors at Cholsey railway station.

Keen to secure steady week day trade for the horsebox alongside our weekend events I pursued it. This particular opportunity meant a lot me having grown up in Cholsey with my horse and the horsebox, and with my own fond memories of the station.

Trading began on Monday 7th December 2015. I always new it was going to be hard work with early starts but I enjoyed the pre-Christmas cheer and quickly gained a core of loyal regulars that made it all seem worthwhile. And the cold temperatures were bearable with the warmth from my beautiful Bosco lever espresso machine.

Cholsey Christmas
Regular Customers

In the Spring I joined up with ‘The Wandering Feast’ a fabulous Street Food collective headed up by the lovely Jo and Ed of the Wandering Kitchen. It turned out that horsebox speciality coffee and brownies were a welcome addition to these delicious lunchtime street food festivals. I enjoyed pitches at Harwell, Milton Park, and then Abingdon Business Park.

Jo and Ed and Wandering Feast at Milton park
Horsebox at Wandering Feast

It soon became apparent that the horsebox, though perfect for presenting our speciality coffee at all day events, was not designed for this kind of roaming coffee service. Keen to grow, I started planning a second vehicle to deliver horsebox coffee and more.

The 2CV, (Deux-Chevaux) seemed perfect with it’s iconic style, countryside design and horsey connection in the name. When I came across this particular 2CV, built in 1972 (the year I was born), a little shabby around the edges but from a loving home and with a good track record. It was love at first sight.

It’s been a busy few months of planning and getting it ready for action. A real team effort. All possible thanks to:

Ric & Ray – extremely kind and helpful vendors
Chris – local 2cv owners club leader for general advice and support
Dave – metal worker

Ric & Ray – extremely kind and helpful vendors

Chris – friendly & informative local 2cv owners club leader

Dave – talented and diligent metal worker

Justin - gas engineer
Bruce – joiner & fitter
Steve & Jordan - electricians

Bruce – speedy, experienced and patient joiner & fitter

Justin – knowledgeable and highly trained gas fitter

Nic – old friend, espresso machine supplier and guru

Dereck and Max

Dereck and Max – the beautiful body workers

Steve & Jordan – adaptable and helpful electricians

And not forgetting Sally, who has helped out in the horsebox since our launch and has pledged to share the early starts!

So here it is:

Deux Chevaux Espresso

Deux Chevaux Espresso

Horsebox coffee, with horsebox style and horsebox service. Along with tasty teas, horsebox hot chocolate, freshly baked pastries, cakes, and of course our legendary horsebox brownie.

The 2 CV van has been running for decades and they are still going strong. So like our beautiful Bosco espresso machine; simple yet innovative, high quality engineering, designed for hard work and daily use, we plan to be out and about throughout the week helping you enjoy delicious coffee where ever you are.
Deux Chevaux Espresso is planning to grow. Do let us know if you would like Delicious coffee where ever YOU are.

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