Our Coffee


We have two simple and beautifully balanced house espresso blends; A bold and chocolatey ‘Dark Horse Espresso’ or Bright and fruity ‘Brightstar’. Their character determined by origin, varietal, processing and roast profile. Our house filter is selected and roasted as an easy drinker and it also works well across all manual brew methods. No surprises just smooth and balanced tasty coffee. Each month we will also present one or two exciting new coffees.These are seasonal micro lots that are available in small quantities for a limited period of time each year.


Our coffees are fully traceable, sourced from organic certified co-operatives or small holder farmers that are committed to traditional farming methods. This not only results in superior quality coffee but is better for the environment and long term sustainability of production. Premiums are paid to reflect the quality of the coffee, recognising and rewarding the farmers and giving them a more sustainable financial future. They are hand roasted to order for us each week by our good friend Simone in his West London micro-roastery


We select our coffees for their taste. Coffees that have been cultivated, harvested, processed, exported and roasted with the same passion with which we brew and serve it. All our coffees are termed as speciality grade as they display flavours and characteristics that are pleasing and unique.
Coffee is a natural agricultural product which tastes at its best when fresh and in season. Each coffee is roast profiled to ensure optimal flavour development. This attention to detail and the freshness of the roast ensures you are enjoying each coffee as its best.