We love the Aeropress, it’s our go to brewer on the Horsebox brew bar as it can produce delicious fresh coffee in just a couple of minutes. It’s the more complex and involved of our brewers but as a result offers flexibility with different styles of brew. Utilising a combination of immersion and filter brewing with manual pressure the result is a clean, sweet and full-bodied cup.

For information on how to brew using an Aeropress see our brew guide.

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The Aeropress was invented in 2006 by the engineer Alan Adler of Aerobi frisbie fame. Since then has become one of the most popular manual brew methods in speciality coffee.

The Aeropress can brew a short espresso style shot or a longer, but still full bodied, single cup brew.

The kit includes:

Aeropress (with printed numbers)
Measuring scoop
350 filter papers in a handy holder
These tools make it easy to follow recipes and achieve a balanced cup when out and about, with out the use of scales.