Hario V60 02 with filter papers


No brew bar is complete with out a V60. We love this simple and classic pour over method. It can brew a tasty balanced and clean cup in a few simple steps whilst also allowing the user to play around with grind, pour rate and recipe to fine tune the extraction of different beans and blends. This brewer works for world barista champions and novice home baristas alike.
For information on how to brew using a V60 see our brew guide.



The V60 was invented by Japanese designer Hario ten years ago. It is so called due to the ‘V’ shape and 60 degree angle of the cone. The V60 coffee dripper shape, swirling ridges and large hole have been designed precisely for optimum extraction. Ceramic and glass versions are available but the light weight and durable plastic cones are very popular as the same delicious results can be achieved, on a very low budget.

The Hario V60 02 Plastic dripper kit includes

Measuring spoon
We supply with a pack of 40 filter papers and also sell replacement packs separately