Sustainability goes so much further than the sourcing of our coffee. It is a consideration in everything we do. We are in this for the long run and so operating responsibly and caring for our environment as we go along seems the only way to operate.


Tea & Hot Chocolate

Our house tea is from a local tea merchant who uses his expertise to source the finest quality tea from around the world, paying a fair price.

We serve a delicious fair trade hot chocolate with our own secret ingredient.



We use organic milk as standard in all our drinks, sourced from a local dairy when we can.



Our brownies and flapjacks are made locally by our talented chef David. Our savoury items are freshly prepared in the Horsebox using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.



Our quirky choice of vehicle is about breathing new life in to a redundant horsebox trailer that had far too many memories and sentimental value to sell on. Up-cycling at its best.



All packaging we use in the Horsebox from bags and napkins to cups and lids even our straws are 100% compostable and actually end up on our allotment with the coffee grounds.



Our coffee machine runs off gas, the cleanest and most efficient reliable power source in mobile catering. We operate locally at markets and events. Our coffee is available further afield via Royal Mail delivery.