Wholesome, adj. Good, beneficial, natural, ethical, proper, respectful, simple

Character, noun. Personality, nature, distinctiveness, uniqueness


Horsebox Coffee Co. is a small, independent coffee roastery based on a quiet working farm in South Oxfordshire.

We source carefully and sustainably cultivated green coffee, through a transparent and ethical supply chain. We expertly roast in small batches using the latest technology to consistently bring out each coffee’s full flavour potential. We not only create our much enjoyed signature blends, but also present a wide selection of seasonal single estate coffees for those looking for a coffee adventure. We are keen to share our passion, knowledge and skills with other coffee lovers, whether that’s the home barista wanting to make a delicious morning brew, or coffee shops, farm shops and restaurants that are just as enthused about delicious and wholesome coffee, as we are.


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If you would like to give your customers the most delicious and sustainable coffee experience then we would love to help


The Horsebox and Deux Chevaux Espresso are available for corporate events and private hire

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The Horsebox

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Deux Chevaux Espresso

Cholsey railway station Mondays - Fridays 6-10 am
The Wandering Feast - Wednesdays & Thursdays 

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Emily 07887 656114

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Horsebox Coffee Co.
Highlands Farm
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