Hello, we are Horsebox Coffee Co.

Wholesome coffee with character

In 2014 Emily re-invented her childhood horsebox trailer into a unique mobile coffee shop to share her love of specialty coffee in her local community and beyond. Her goal was to set up a roastery and this followed a few years later.

Dark Horse Roastery is nestled on a quiet working farm in South Oxfordshire.

Here we carefully and ethically source sustainably cultivated green coffee from individual farms and cooperatives at coffee origin. Using the latest roasting technology we lovingly and consistently develop each coffee’s unique character. We run roastery experiences, and barista training programmes, and supply to other small independent businesses: cafes, restaurants, farm shops, pubs and delis. Any one who shares our passion and value for ethics, sustainability and flavour.

Our Best Sellers

It’s the best coffee I have ever had. And it’s consistent. I just can’t buy any other bean now; I’d rather go without. I take a pack of beans with me if I stay over with family or friends and spread the luurv.

Brenda – Thame

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