We officially launched in spring 2015, but the story goes back a little further than you might think. Here’s a brief time line of the journey of Horsebox Coffee Co.


The horsebox was built and sold
to Emily’s mum

Busy transporting Solomon (Dark Horse), Ned (Brightstar)
and friends to local events


Very sadly the horses, best friends, passed away in the early noughties. The horsebox spent the next 15 years in an old barn remaining in good working order. Meanwhile Emily had moved to London to live and work in the world of coffee.


With a small business loan and the support of family and friends, Horsebox Coffee Co. was launched.

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In response to local demand for horsebox coffee, Deux Chevaux Espresso joins the team.

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Thanks to the support of fellow small local businesses, we realised the dream of opening our own roastery.

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