Moka Pot

A Guide to Brewing the Perfect Cup

An Introduction

A Moka Pot is a stove-top coffee maker that brews coffee by passing boiling water pressurised by steam through ground coffee. Named after the Yemenite city of Mocha, it was invented by Luigi De Ponti but was patented for the first time in 1933 in Italy by an engineer named Alfonso Bialetti.

What you’ll Need

Moka Pot
Freshly roasted coffee
Burr grinder (freshly ground is best)
Filtered water
Hob or stove
Cloths or Tea towels

Brew Time


Step 1

Add the water.

Boil the kettle and fill base of the moka pot with boiling water making sure you stop just below the steam valve.

Step 2

Add the coffee.

Pop the filter basket onto the base. Grind your beans on a filter setting so that it feels gritty between your fingers similar to caster sugar. You will need enough ground coffee to completely fill the filter basket. Gently level with you finger to remove any excess grounds.

Step 3

Add the heat.

Screw the top chamber onto the base securely but do not over tighten. Remember the base will now be hot, use a cloth. Place on a medium heat. Keep the lid open to observe the coffee as it starts bubbling through.

Step 4

Remove and pour.

When the colour of the coffee coming through turns much paler and the brewer begins to gurgle, remove from the heat immediately and wrap the base of the moka pot in a cold damp cloth. This stops the brewing process and prevents over extraction. Pour. Dilute if preferred or add warmed milk for a longer café latte style drink.

Don’t forget to compost those grounds and ensure the Moka pot is cleaned well when you are done.


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