Tasting Notes: Sweet, rounded, citrus & berries

This is our seasonal blend that will change in character as our new single origins arrive with the seasons.

Always expect bright, clean, juicy fruits.

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  • Location

    La Esperanza is located on the Burila Estate in the Trujilla municipality, Colombia.

    What makes this such a special place is the rich volcanic soil it is surrounded by in the hills and mountain range. There is also a wide selection of wildlife in this amazing landscape.

    Santa Maria Jinotega is the second largest department in Nicaragua, situated in the north of the country bordering Honduras. Matagalpa borders Jinotega to the south.

    Fazenda Palmital, in the mountains of the Serra So Pau S’Alho in the district of Cabo Verde, southern Minas Gerais, was purchased in the 1920s by Joaquim Sebastião de Souza, the current owner’s grandfather.

  • Farm / Cooperative

    La Esperanza - The Burila estate gives the local farmers an opportunity to showcase their coffees, which allows the best available to be selected. This typically comprises local Colombia and Caturra varietals. The name La Esperanza translates as ‘the hope’.

    Santa Maria is one of seven estates that reach across Jinotega and Matagalpa and are owned by Victor Robelo as part of the Las Nubes group. Originally bought in the late nineties after the cessation of action by the Contras, the farms were planted with his father’s favourite varietals, Yellow Catuai and Caturra. The Santa Maria farm itself produces mainly Caturra, and under the managerial eye of Jimmy Mierisch is focused on producing high quality lots with new processing methods.

    Fazenda Palmital has built a tradition of producing top quality coffee in a sustainable way, very much a key focus for us here at Horsebox. Their dedication to the plantation and natural aptitude for it led the average annual production to rise from 2,00 to 6,500 bags of 60 kgs. All workers have full legal benefits. The farm also provides employees and their families with free transportation to primary and secondary schools and medical care in Cabo Verde. Currently, 36 families live on the farm in houses equipped with running water, sanitation and electricity, as they should. The temporary workers (around 150 people, during the peak of the harvest) stay in good-quality houses with a full range of services.

  • Processing

    La Esperanza - To ensure that the highest standards are consistently achieved, a strict processing routine is in place. The hard workers on the farm make sure that each cherry is picked at just the right time to ensure that it is perfectly ripe. This allows the cherry to have the optimum sugar levels. The de-pulping process is done without water and the coffee is then fermented for around 19 to 22 hours. The coffee is then fully washed and mechanically dried. Harvest: November – February / April – June

    Santa Maria - The coffee is picked and processed at the farm’s own wet mill, before being taken as wet parchment or cherry (depending on if it is a washed or natural coffee) to the dry mill facility in Matagalpa that Las Nubes bought in 2014. It is here that the drying beds are located, stacked three or four layers high to control temperature and humidity as required for the processing method. By owning their supply chain, they can tightly control the variables and therefore ensure that any experimentation is best positioned to be replicated.

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3 reviews for Brightstar

  1. Marigold Warner

    Just brewed my first cup of BrightStar with my aeropress and it did not disappoint! True to its name this is a lovely bright coffee to start off a sunny morning or brighten up a lazy afternoon.

  2. Hayley P

    We loved this coffee which we had ground for cafetierre. Perfect for weekend brunches to share with family and friends, as we think it would appeal to many different tastes.

  3. Andrew

    Flavours were quite weak but when had as a double ristretto instead of an espresso I enjoyed it much more. Was disappointed that when I bought the coffee it was already 10 days old. As coffee loses freshness from when it was roasted my experience may have been tainted by getting the last of the old batch.

    • Emily

      Hello Andrew. Very sorry you had this disappointing experience. Next time you see the horsebox I would like to prepare you a dark horse espresso to try, with it’s different character from origin and darker roast profile it has more body and intensity than Brightstar. You are absolutely right the fresher the better. We commit to selling our coffee beans with in two weeks of roasting. As a new and very small business and this is how frequent our roast is at present though we do hope to move to a weekly roast schedule from September. Thank you for your comments and hope to see you again at the horsebox.

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