Horsebox Brew

Tasting Notes: Toasted hazelnut with cocoa notes

We had to have a house coffee called Horsebox!

This is a carefully selected coffee from Brazil that has all the great characteristics of the origin. Low acidity due to its altitude, balanced body and a big hit of nut.

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  • Location

    Fazenda Palmital, in the mountains of the Serra So Pau S’Alho in the district of Cabo Verde, southern Minas Gerais, was purchased in the 1920s by Joaquim Sebastião de Souza, the current owner’s grandfather. In 1950 the farm’s management passed to Augusto de Melo Souza. In the 1970s his wife and son started to take care of the property and the next generation is getting ready to continue the tradition.

  • Farm

    Fazenda Palmital has built a tradition of producing top quality coffee in a sustainable way, very much a key focus for us here at Horsebox. Their dedication to the plantation and natural aptitude for it led the average annual production to rise from 2,00 to 6,500 bags of 60 kgs. All workers have full legal benefits. The farm also provides employees and their families with free transportation to primary and secondary schools and medical care in Cabo Verde. Currently, 36 families live on the farm in houses equipped with running water, sanitation and electricity, as they should. The temporary workers (around 150 people, during the peak of the harvest) stay in good-quality houses with a full range of services.

  • Process

    This coffee is processed using the Pulped Natural method, which involves removing the outer skin of the coffee cherry and leaving it to dry either in the sun or sometimes with mechanical dryers. It’s considered to be halfway between dry processing and wet processing and requires more processing time and consumes more water than the natural process.

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