La Bendicion

Tasting Notes: Berries, tropical fruit, cocoa

We are big fans of Guatemalan coffee here at Horsebox Coffee Company, and it seems you are too! Our signature blend ‘Dark Horse’ has been such a hit that we renamed our roastery after it.

Recently we have decided to explore Guatemalan coffee a little more; here we present a new farm, region, and process. La Bendicion stood out on the cupping table and was completely irresistible. You will find a little in our Dark Horse blend, but here we’ve roasted a little lighter to preserve the wildness and fruitiness of this coffee.

We loved the story of this small family farm, too.

Cup score: 87.25

Roast: Medium


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  • Location

    The farm is located in Sanguayoba village, Palencia town, Guatemala department, at an altitude of 1800 - 2000 masl. Palencia itself has a population of over 30,000, and the Palencia municipality has lush vegetation, undulating mountains & is irrigated by a number of rivers. The mountains that surround the municipality are known as: De las Nubes, la Cierrita, Cerro Pririrí and Cerro Tomastepeque. The main economic activities for the region are the cultivation of potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, coffee and chayote, a type of gourd.

  • Farm / Co-op

    Finca La Bendicion is owned and run by Jose Gomez Reyes. It is a small farm of 35 hectares and has been in his family for three generations now.

    Jose tells us: ‘The farm was bought in 1930 by my grandparents Vicente Gómez and María Reyes. Back then, it only produced corn and potatoes. They first brought dairy cattle to the farm but our topography is so hilly that many cows met their death at the bottom of the cliffs. Fortunately, we don't have that problem with coffee.

    The farm passed on to my father who started cultivating coffee and he left it to me. We call it La Bendición (the blessing) because we have always felt blessed by the land. The fertile soil, the high altitude and the mild temperatures have always helped us produce excellent coffees, including this award-winning lot.'

  • Processing

    Jose says 'Harvest is usually delayed here compared to other parts of Guatemala, but we manage to harvest cherries at their peak maturation. We like to work with the Catisic variety, a mixture of Catuaí and Catimor, because the cherries have a lot of sweetness. When we pick them they are past the bright red colour and rather a deep winey colour, near purple.

    We don't spray any herbicides on the farm and use a lot of organic matter, such as chicken and cow manure. We do use some potassium and proteins to help the cherries reach maturation homogeneously and also small doses of foliar nutrients to help with overall health and productivity.'

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