Steel Horse

Tasting Notes: Creamy, rye toast & walnut

For a long time it has been taken for granted that high-quality coffee must be 100% Arabica varietal.

Times have changed. Whilst Robusta has traditionally been destined for (dare I say it) the ‘instant coffee’ market, there is a new wave of specialty Robusta that we are keen to embrace. Not least due to its resilience in thriving in conditions where Arabica cannot, but also because, like everything, if treated with care, love and respect along its journey, the results are surprisingly good.

We invite you to try our new signature blend ‘Steel Horse’.

50% specialty Robusta from the Pô Kô Fairtrade co-operative in Vietnam

50% our house brew from the Vinhal estate that we all know and love.

Expect a little extra kick from the Robusta, very low acidity and a thick crema, with rye and ridiculous nutty notes. A traditional Italian espresso shot in our view.



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  • Location

    Pô Kô Farms are nestled in the Pô Kô river basin in the district of Dak Ha, where we find more than seven thousand hectares of fertile red basalt soil. Over 90% of members are small producers, relocated from the cities to the central highlands.

  • Farmers

    The Pô Kô agricultural co-operative was established and registered as Fairtrade back in 2009 under a name that is far more difficult to pronounce. They renamed to Pô Kô farms in 2017.
    Interestingly, just under half of their members are women, they have female board members and a female chairwoman... And why not?
    More importantly the co-operative runs training courses to help producers adapt to the challenging effects of climate change.

  • Process

    We've talked about the honey process before. The fresh coffee fruit is pulped and left to dry without washing, reducing the need for this valuable resource.
    Honey processed coffees also tend to be more complex than washed coffees, but less fruity and fermented than the natural processed alternative. A perfect halfway house, in our view.

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