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Are you looking for a new wholesale coffee supplier?

Horsebox Coffee Co. are looking to work with local cafés, restaurants, venues and shops which want to serve (or sell) speciality coffees to their customers.  Talk to us about creating your very own blend and our wholesale pricing.

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You’ve selected your coffee but how do you get the best out of your chosen blend?  Take a look at our Brewing Guides, where we take you through the brewing process for 5 of the most popular home brewers.

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The Horsebox

Feast on the Farm - 6th & 7th October
Sandy Lane Farm pumpkin celebration - 27th & 28th October
Marsh Baldon Bonfire Night - 3rd November 

Deux Chevaux Espresso

Henley Literary Festival - 6th & 7th October
Sue Ryder Fireworks - 27th October

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